Sentences for French

This is the documentation for 4.0.0 version, which is not the latest version. Consider upgrading to 4.3.0.


will generate:

  • Le jardinier a donné des pommes à sa voisine.

  • Il les lui a données.

  • Il lui a donné des pommes.

  • Il les a données à sa voisine.

Features and Usage

The generation order between DIRECT and INDIRECT respects the declared order: if you change the order, you can generate Le jardinier a donné à sa voisine des pommes.

Use negative: true and optionnaly negativeAdverb (e.g. jamais, will default to pas) to generate a negative form, like Il ne les lui a pas données..

Agreement with direct complement when using avoir auxiliary is made automatically.

There can be 2 indirect object groups, for instance to generate Pascal parle à son frère de sa leçon / Il lui parle de sa leçon. Put multiple objects with type INDIRECT in the objGroups array.

In subjectGroup, use person to generate a personal subject pronoun (je, tu, nous, vous, etc.). Possible values are 1S (1st person, singular ⇒ je), 2S, 1P, 2P (2nd person, plural ⇒ vous) as possible values. 3S and 3P are not allowed as we would not know whether to generate il/elle or ils/elles. When using person parameter, subject property is ignored.

TODO: il lui en parle is not supported.

You can also add the usual value parameters to the subjectGroup and objGroups


will generate:

  • Ta femme a prêté ma tondeuse à son neveu.

  • Elle la lui a prêtée.